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Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Biological Engineering 2018 Annual Meeting. Please complete the form below to submit a poster abstract. Students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to submit.

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Important Note: IBE only communicates with the individual listed in the 'Corresponding Author' section regarding the Abstract submission. Therefore; if the Abstract includes additional authors, it is the responsibility of the individual listed below as the corresponding author to forward any appropriate information or communications to those authors. All authors listed below will be printed in the final program distributed at the conference.

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Please list authors in the order you would like them to appear in the program. If applicable, be sure to include the Corresponding and Presenting Author in the list.

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If the Corresponding Author contact information listed above is different from the individual who will be presenting the abstract at the conference, please provide the following information:
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Provide a 250-500 word synopsis that includes rationale for the research, objectives, methods used, results and conclusions. Please avoid the use of symbols, special characters or graphics within the abstract.

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