Letter From the IBE President

Dear IBE members and enthusiasts,
First, I would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!
It is my deepest honor to be entrusted with such an opportunity and responsibility to serve IBE as the 2017 President; I am writing to share my excitement and request for support to make this year the most successful one in IBE’s history.
To me, what sets IBE apart from other professional societies is its focus on addressing the grand challenges (or, the biggest problems, in Bill Gates’s words) of our times — sustainable food, energy, and environmental systems and quality health — rather than on advancing any specific scientific discipline, by using inclusive approaches through the broadest network of partners from all fields of life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and beyond.
I am extremely excited about the future of IBE and I look forward to your continued support and contributions. Together we can make a dent in bringing on the much anticipated Biological Revolution for the 21st century (similar to the Industrial Revolution and Digital Revolution of the past two centuries). I strongly believe that we can be much more effective and productive in tackling the biggest problems if we pay attention to the common threads and hidden interdependencies among food, energy, the environment and health.
To realize this, we need to work together to create synergy and commit ourselves to active service. In return, we will advance our professional development, for this is what I believe: When we place ourselves in active duties, serve to the best of our ability the interest both of our profession and society, we get to personally advance and make contributions at the same time.
This comes true when reflecting upon the words from Dr. Jerry Gilbert, President of Marshall University and the 2005 President of IBE: “IBE not only gave me the chance to be involved in the sharing of research discoveries and educational insights, but also provided me with contacts and access to many professionals in the field of biological and biomedical engineering. Being the president of IBE was a great honor and a tremendous opportunity to enhance my leadership skills. That experience, along with many others in my career journey, helped prepare me for my current position as a president of a major university. IBE is a great organization that has helped shape the careers of many individuals, including mine.”
On behalf of the IBE leadership team I invite you, IBE members, past IBE conference attendees, as well as those who are looking for a professional home, to join us at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 30 –April 1, 2017 to feel the excitement. Click here to register for the Annual Meeting online, and to access the link to the Call for Abstracts.
I look forward to hearing from you and knowing how you plan to actively contribute to IBE in 2017.  Again, with my best wishes,
Guigen Zhang, 2017 IBE President
January 5, 2017