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Most Accessed Publication Awards

2015 “Recent advances in 3D printing of biomaterials” Helena N. Chia, Benjamin M. Wu Journal of Biological Engineering, 9:4 (1 March 2015)

2014 “Cross-section perimeter is a suitable parameter to describe the effects of different baffle geometries in shaken microtiter plates” Clemens Lattermann, Matthias Funke, Sven Hansen, Sylvia Diederichs, Jochen Buchs Journal of Biological Engineering, 8:18 (15 July 2014)

2013 “A survey of enabling technologies in synthetic biology” Linda J. Kahl, Drew Endy Journal of Biological Engineering, 7:13 (10 May 2013)

2012 “Engineered cell-cell communication via DNA messaging” Monica E. Ortiz, Drew Endy Journal of Biological Engineering, 6:16 (7 September 2012)

2011 “Engineering BioBrick vectors from BioBrick parts” Reshma P. Shetty, Drew Endy, Thomas F. Knight Journal of Biological Engineering, 2:5 (14 April 2008)

2010 “Insulation of a synthetic hydrogen metabolism circuit in bacteria” Christina M. Agapakis, Daniel C. Ducat, Patrick M. Boyle, Edwin H. Wintermute, Jeffrey C. Way, Pamela A. Silver Journal of Biological Engineering, 4:3 (25 February 2010)

2009 “Solving a Hamiltonian Path Problem with a bacterial computer” Jordan Baumgardner, Karen Acker, Oyinade Adefuye, Samuel Thomas Crowley, Will DeLoache, James O Dickson, Lane Heard, Andrew T Martens, Nickolaus Morton, Michelle Ritter, Amber Shoecraft, Jessica Treece, Matthew Unzicker, Amanda Valencia, Mike Waters, A Malcolm Campbell, Laurie J Heyer, Jeffrey L Poet, Todd T Eckdahl Journal of Biological Engineering, 3:11 (24 July 2009)

2008 “Engineering bacteria to solve the Burnt Pancake Problem” Karmella A. Haynes, Marian L. Broderick, Adam D. Brown, Trevor L. Butner, James O. Dickson, W. Lance Harden, Lane H. Heard, Eric L. Jessen, Kelly J. Malloy, Brad J. Ogden, Sabriya Rosemond, Samantha Simpson, Erin Zwack, A. Malcolm Campbell, Todd T. Eckdahl, Laurie J. Heyer and Jeffrey L. Poet Journal of Biological Engineering, 2:8 (20 May 2008)

Journal of Biological Engineering