IBE Video Competition

In order to excite and inspire the world about the wonders and importance of biological engineering, IBE is hosting a biological engineering student video submission and competition program. Videos should meet the requirements listed below. Each year IBE will honor the best video productions by awarding the top 3 teams at the IBE annual meeting.

Submit your video online at www.ibe.org/student-video-comp

Video requirements:
  • Video approximately 2-4 minutes long.
  • Focus on biological engineering:
    1. An exciting research result
    2. An inspiring educational activity
    3. An interesting or useful experimental technique
    4. A mystery, key technical or social challenge, or unanswered question
  • Highlight a social challenge, need, motivation, or broader impact associated with the topic.
  • Preferably teach at least one biological engineering related concept in an innovative way.
  • Contain at least 1 visually compelling sequence
  • Involve a team with at least 1 IBE member
  • Whenever possible highlight diversity
  • Acknowledge/integrate the IBE organization
Each video should be accompanied by a 1-slide summary (click here to download the template) whose content will be used for broad dissemination.

Judging criteria:
  • Quality of presentation
  • Alignment with video requirements described above
  • Number of views (over a relevant period to be fair to those who submitted closer to the IBE conference).
Submit your video online at www.ibe.org/student-video-comp

Demonstrate your creativity and passion for biological engineering!

Download the Video Competition flyer