Ask an Expert About Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering (BE) is a rapidly growing discipline creating meaningful careers where individuals can make important contributions to our world. Many people are not exactly sure what BE is and how it is different from other engineering disciplines like electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc. For more information about what BE is, click here to get started.

If you have an idea about what BE is, you are probably filled with many questions like: How do you prepare in high school to get into a BE program? How can my high school get involved with biological engineering? What kind of work can BE graduates do in the biomedical field? Or perhaps something specific like what is fermentation? How do microbes produce biofuels or medicine?

To help you learn more about BE, several experts participating in the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE), the professional society for Biological Engineers, are happy to answer your questions. Current experts with short biographical sketches are shown to the right. If you have a question, complete the information below and an expert will respond as soon as possible.

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